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 Short Moral Stories for Kids!

The Fox and the CrowWhere you can find a growing list of videos and short moral stories for kids (and adults). We will continue to add new stories and content with lots of care & pixie dust!

Parents and caretakers can preview stories and share them with their child. The stories offer the bricks and the adult perspective and history offer the mortar. Tie in real-life scenarios and perspective for the most benefit.

These stories are categorized as follows:

Aesop Fables for Kids make moral storytelling fun and interesting. Aesop stories offer many lessons for everyday life. We all know the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’.
Short Fairy Tales provide classic storytelling. These tales are fun, enchanting, familiar and universal. You may have heard of the phrase The Midas Touch’.
Bedtime Stories for Kids comfort kids to bed. Bedtime stories are a great routine to begin while they relax minds to dreamland with stories like >‘The Dawn Dance’
Picture Stories for Kids stimulate creative juices. Engage minds with nursery rhymes and fun pictures in stories like ‘The Three Little Pigs. There are no videos here.
Holiday and Inspiration provide holiday or inspirational videos. We will continue to build these up over time. See stories here like Teeny Tiny’.

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