Bedtime Stories for Kids

So, what is the best time of the day to read to your kids?

I’m sure you guessed night time by the title of the post but you can read to your children any time of the day. Having a daily set time and a normal routine of reading aloud to your child will make reading fun will not only improve their reading abilities, but also their understanding complex life-scenarios and help for them to shape their opinions on matters.  Reading aloud to your child at any age also will have a calming effect and help to create bonding moments with one another.

You can read to your child in a variety of places, just make it fun.  We will continue to add stories and you can pull up the web version of this site on your phone to make it easier without taking up shelf space. Of course, I don’t discourage having physical books in your collection.

If you are reading to your child at night, getting them calmed at ready for bed is not the easiest task.  Kids can also become fearful at night, this is the time to read them light and happy stories.

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