Picture Stories for Kids

Shock-headed Peter

Combining narration with illustrations, picture stories serve as a great way to engage the senses and stimulate the imagination of your child. With more and more art being taken out of school and more and more technology replacing quality time, these picture stories can live on forever and be a source of knowledge, problem-solving tools, and creativity. They can also serve as a healthy outlet for a child to express and understand his/her emotions and feelings. Give your child the framework and a safe place for them to find out who they are. Add positive images and have healthy conversations early on and it will pay off for years to come.

You can read these stories to your children until your child learns to read them on his/her own. From alphabet books to nursery rhymes and other stories for young children, these stories help with learning language, comprehension, and storytelling. Give your child the gift of accelerated learning and creativity.

Some of the first picture books for children include John Amos Cornenius’ Orbis Pictus (1658), John Newbery’s Pocket-Book (1744), Heinrich Hoffmann’s Struwwelpeter (1845), Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (illustrated 1866), Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900), Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902), Andrew Lang’s twelve Fairy Books and the Classic Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson publications. These stories and more will be found in these picture story posts.